2022 - 2023


The choice of issues related to THE FUTURE as the main theme of the 24. edition of the project is an artistic response to the extremely fast-changing social reality in which children function, as well as a subject-matter area that sparks inspiring existential and psychological reflections. Themes related to the future will be analysed on several levels. Those are:

  • experiment as a driving force for change and novelty,
  • ecology and questions about the future of the planet, about the place of human in the ecosystem, and about the existence of the world as we know it today,
  • technology, which is developing at an unprecedented pace,
  • change that the experience of a child’s growth brings to the child and its parents, or the changing reality – external to the individual,
  • migration and questions about how and where we will live in the future, who will live in the neighbourhood, what the idea of home is and what it will become.