2022 - 2023

Doors to the woods / outdoor walk and creative event

Let’s go for a forest walk and use all our senses to immerse ourselves in nature!

Event in Polish language.
In programme

Concept and lead: Natalia Adamczyk (Leśna ścieżka)
Visual concept: Dorota Woźniak (Ilustrownia)

Let’s go for a forest walk and use all our senses to immerse ourselves in nature!

This is a forest bathing event inspired by the Japanese art of Shinrin-yoku! It will be quite magical. We will start our walk by passing through an enchanted portal – the doors to “the forest wardrobe.” We will listen to a fairy-tale about the power that being close to nature gives us. We will be taken to a world somewhere between magic and reality by a person who guides forest bathing events on a daily basis.

Shinrin-yoku is a health-promoting mindfulness practice that allows you to slow down and discover peace by immersing yourself into nature. During this walk, which is aimed at early school-age children, there will be more activities. It will be much more dynamic than one for adults. Expect a lot of excitement! Participants will follow the guidelines from mysterious letters addressed to their senses… Were these letters written by the trees? What might come out of this adventure?

The workshop will combine art, nature education, and mindfulness practice. In doing so, we will feel first-hand how contact with nature can soothe our senses and, at the same time, bring lots of joy and peace. All this will deepen – or help us to establish – our individual bonds with nature.

Organised under the auspices of the Polish Forest Bathing Association and the Forest Therapy Hub.